We all start somewhere | Part 2

August 20, 2020

In my last post I talked about shooting everything you can. Find new perspectives. Just take the camera everywhere you go and just snap what catches your eye. Sunsets, buildings, railroad tracks, PUPPIES!!!! haha...Everything is a subject and beauty is simply in the eye of the beholder. The more you shoot the more comfortable you'll get with the camera, making mistakes, learning from those mistakes and eventually growing as a photographer and finding your style. Find your niche. I "specialize" as a wedding photographer and love everything about it. But, I would say my passion is photographing nature. Especially anything with water and sunsets. You will get to a point where you simply see the image in your head before you even pick the camera up. You'll day dream about photos you want to create and replay it over and over. That's why I loved getting into Drone Photography. It simply allowed me to photograph things that were simply never possible before.

Ton of photos here, Enjoy!!!

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