We all start somewhere | Embarrassing post

August 18, 2020

I remember taking my first photo in 2007 at an Air Show. Since then I was hooked. I started taking photos of anything and everything just for the fun of it. Mostly sporting events because I was involved myself, which then led to a couple misc. job offers from the families there. I quickly realized photography was going to be a huge part of my life and I knew it was just like anything else in life, learn, practice, fail, repeat! 

In the beginning it was hard to find paying clients having little to no experience and yet not finding my own style. This is when most photographers resort to the god-awful reality of Self Portraits. If you know me, you know I absolutely hate my photo being taken! LOL. But this journey taught me everything I know today. Lighting, posing, composition, texture, photoshop, focusing, how shutter speed works, aperture, iso, the list is a mile long. 

While this post is probably one of the most embarrassing things, I can show anyone, it's also to help others starting out. Never give up just because the first take doesn't come out right. There's been times where I thought I failed, and others loved it. There's been times where I thought I took an awesome photo and no one liked it LOL...No matter the subject, yourself, your dog, the tree out back, capture it, capture it all, find ways to tell a story and make the subject come to life. And most importantly, never stop learning and fine tuning your craft.

YouTube...I cannot stress this enough. There are hundreds if not thousands of videos on every subject. Set time aside, 20 minutes a day, a half hour a week. Set time aside to learn more about your craft. Make a check list. Each day/week learn something new. Taking photos is half the battle, editing can make or break a great photo and can even save crappy photo.

While this is still a part time job for me believe it or not (even though it feels like a full time job at times lol). I average 10-15 weddings a year, this past year, and next year I am already at 25 a year. And that's not counting the countless number of family portraits, children, seniors, and misc shoots I do. Expanding into Video definitely helped open up more doors for me and I've done a couple commercials now and events, but weddings is the heart of it, my true passion. So if I can do this, anyone can!

Enjoy my embarrassing Self Portraits...

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