Thought Process | Photographing a Nikon Lens

May 9, 2020

I got a new lens in today and was excited to try it out! It's a Nikon 16-35 which is going to be a perfect lens for when I go to Colorado next month to capture landscapes! I pretty much bought this lens entirely to start shooting landscapes more.

I started with a basic desk setup with LED Strips behind my monitor as a background. I wanted to expose the camera for the background so I could bring out the best exposure for the lights (1). 

The next task was adding a main light source to bring out the details of the lens without overpowering the background or washing out the lens. I used a simple 4x6 LED Panel for this (2).

I then noticed the right side of the lens washed into the background as it was not being lit so I wanted to add a little fill light to help bring out more details of the lens and give it overall more depth (3).

If you look at the lens you would notice a slight blue tint, the color temperature was a little too cool from the LED Panel which could have easily been fixed in Post, but why not get it as close to perfect in camera! (4)

Photo 5 is the exact behind the scenes set up I used. A simple LED Panel at 45 degress of the lens and believe it or not the Lens box as a reflector on the other side (5).

Final image is after a little editing in Lightroom, nothing crazy. Simple Highlights/Shadows, Whites/Black, Saturation, Texture. But you can easily see how quick an image can come together in a few basic steps!

Photo May 09, 12 19 36 PM.jpg


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